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media muze provides public relation services for DTC brands and industry experts with an emphasis on affiliate marketing.


If I could, I would name every brand I’m in love with, but my web designer would kick my 🍑, so I reserved the footer for the ones I don't directly support, but will never stop recommending. 

 current clients 

A women-owned ethical and sustainable marketplace for size inclusive clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods,

and more. 

Veteran + athlete-founded and tested brand creating innovative performance products that promote optimal wellness.

Sabavi Home

One stop shop for thoughtfully-chosen home items, kitchenware, + other unique products you've

never heard of.

Gentle yet powerful refillable, non-toxic home cleaners, soaps, and detergents that reduce plastic and won't harm your body.

A multivitamin by and for women of color, formulated with science-based nutrients, probiotics and adaptogens to support whole body wellness.

West Coast-inspired women’s golf apparel  brand that has given the collared shirt & 14” skirt a 

major glow up!

Products for safe and easy tonsil stone removal; Spreading awareness around the impact tonsil stones have on self esteem.

Both skincare and ritual, Desavery's products contain mood-boosting ingredients for a sensory experience plus effective skincare benefits.

Individually wrapped, pre-washed, ready-to-wear, premium undies for women on the go. Stash them on you for life's little emergencies.

 brands that rock 



“Kris puts her heart and creativity into all that she does.  She has helped me and my business in so many ways. She takes the time to get to know you as a person and your business to ensure that all she creates is fully aligned and authentic. ”



Amanda Evans

Founder | MBS Miracles


“Kristjana is the teammate one dreams of having. She is an excellent communicator and problem-solver that works to elevate those around her. I learned so much about the importance of authenticity, storytelling, and connection from Kris.  Her leadership and organizational skills are top-notch, and she always looks for ways to improve efficiency and is a true asset to any team.”

Yaa Boayke

Former Colleague


“To say I was blessed to find Kristjana is an understatement.  I have absolutely loved working with her over the years!  She's outrageously creative and charismatic &  could never thank her enough for sharing her talents and her friendship with me.”

Heidi Pullman


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