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As a woman who was raised in a conservative religious household, I was conditioned to prioritize others’ opinions, feelings, and beliefs before my own - even when it felt completely counterintuitive.


The only way for me to know I was on the right path was to ask someone else... or so I was told. My inner voice had been muffled by so many different hands - the church, society, friends, family, etc. that it was hard to decipher if the life I was living was my own.

 pieces of my story 


Figuring out what I wanted my professional life to look & feel like was messy!  I was overwhelmed and confused because I had let other people tell me that I would scale if I would only [insert opinion here] - and let me tell you, my path didn’t look the same as theirs.  


I’m collaborative by nature and believe that the more, the f*cking merrier. If I learn a new trick, hot new tip, or have a connection that would benefit someone else, you better believe I’m the first to share. Just don’t ask to share anything off of my plate! Eating something delicious is my love language… no sharing involved there.  

Authenticity is at the core of the services I provide.  I’ve spent years fine-tuning my approach and am not afraid to think outside the box or refer you to someone in my network who may be a better fit for what you need. 

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