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After spending years as an executive assistant, I dove head first into the world of Affiliate & PR, learning it from the ground up in 2021. I immediately loved it - connecting with passionate small business owners, finding ways to craft fun yet data-driven pitches, talking numbers with affiliate managers, pivoting when something wasn’t working… I’d found my sweet spot.



“Hannah is so much more than someone we work with and is now truly a business partner to our brand. We wouldn't have had the success we've had without her! Where she really takes it to the next level is by truly understanding our brand and our story.  She brings our brand to life in media that matter to reach our customer base authentically which has resulted in affiliate PR being our top customer acquisition channel to date. I can't recommend her enough!”



DTC Beauty Brand


“With Hannah, there was no question that she could understand and communicate our values of sustainability, health consciousness, and a focus on home and wellbeing, and that not only amplified our press and affiliate program, but opened us up to new opportunities that we had not even thought of. Our affiliate program has grown immensely because of her work and the relationships she has helped develop for our brand. Hannah is a pleasure to work with, and just a wonderful person overall.”"

Sr. Brand Manager

DTC Bedding Brand

Former coworkers called me “Eagle Eye” - I’m meticulous, and attention to detail is my middle name. This is reflected in the way I work with brands. If you have a 40 page doc about the science behind your product, I want to read it. If you want me to proofread your website, my face will light up, and I’ll gladly jump out of scope to look it over.


I have an authentic passion for helping everyone that crosses my path - strangers, colleagues, and loved ones alike. I also prioritize joy above most things - experiencing daily joy isn't just a goal, but a core value. When I show up for my joy, everyone benefits.


I’m happiest working with mission-driven brands that are helping people feel seen in the world. I’m tenacious, I’m invested in your brand and who you are as a human being, and I can’t wait to work with you.

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