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Kristjana was introduced to the media industry 5 years ago when she began pitching her clients as podcast guests on various shows.  She once pitched Theo Von (if you don’t know him, take a laugh break and watch some of his reels) who was clearly not interested in the person she pitched and just responded with a “nah fam.”  She loves that story.


If you know Kris, she puts her heart and soul into everything she’s passionate about - which includes the brands and people she works with. She never stops learning and when she's asleep after taking her REST supplement, your products + inventions enter her dreams too!     


At media muze, you won’t get an umbrella approach strategy.  We don’t BS around here and will never overpromise.  When you win, we win!  We are transparent and pride ourselves on educating our partners on the best media method for them.  Not only do we encourage you to share your story, Kris makes it a point to share hers - that’s how we connect with each other.  




“The amount of energy, enthusiasm, and dedication that Kris pours into her work with clients is truly outstanding and key to the amazing results she’s gotten for us. Her creativity and persistence have landed us the press hits that we’ve dreamed of for years. She’s made a tremendous impact on our brand awareness.”


Erin Houston

Co-Founder | wearwell


"I simply can't imagine my business running as smoothly or efficiently without Kris! She is diligent, self-motivated, flexible, and willing to push back on ideas and share her thoughts in a professional way. Kristjana is also always learning  and brings those ideas to our team. We've expanded our offerings because of her foresight into how the industry is evolving."

Ronica Cleary

Founder | Clearly Strategies


“I’ve worked with Kris on two very different DTC brands. Both she was able to learn the brand, understand the consumer and present relevant press opportunities. She’s an infectious personality and the best kind of person you could have supporting your PR/Affiliate efforts. "


Ryan Fisher

Head of Growth | Protekt


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